I am predicting a new trend: the Facebook sabbatical. Taking a break from what’s supposed to be a social way to scan your friends’ pages, supposedly giving you a warm embrace. You’ll be surprised how peaceful it is to disconnect for a while.

Let’s be honest: do you feel better or worse after logging into your Facebook account? Do status updates and skimming through photo’s make you feel satisfied?

The truth is that Facebook only shows us at our best. Ever read status updates about being depressed? Losing your job for the second time in a year? Relationship problems? Financial issues? Kids that actually drive you insane? No right?

I decided to ask my friends what their top 10 Facebook frustrations are.

Below you’ll find a list of the most common replies:

  • Baby updates and pictures. You think your baby is the most adorable thing on earth, reality check: friends may not be interested in your baby’s eating pattern and how rough your night was.
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is so sweet and the greatest and I love him/her sooooooo much!!! Look at these flowers/gifts/handwritten love letters he/she gave me!
  • Selfies, especially duck face selfies and those “I’m looking at myself in the mirror thinking I look hot in this outfit” selfies.
  • Concert/event pictures and status updates that proudly scream: “ticket in da pocket for Beyonce’s concert”
  • Vague depressing status updates like: “sigh…”, “need to be alone”, “feeling blah today” clearly asking for attention and triggering friends to publically ask you what’s wrong.
  • Millions of vacation pictures of a crappy sunset/10 pictures of the same dinner/basically unedited pics, just upload everything that’s on the camera and hit ‘publish’
  • Engagement/pregnancy pics
  • “Is loving life and everything is so great and bla bla bla and I have the best everything anyone could ever have…EVER”
  • Workout pics, pics of your running shoes and especially those who connect their Nike Running app to Facebook
  • Anything with excessive use of !!!! ????
  • The materialists. The show offs who excessively post expensive brands, fashion, accessories, cars etc.

Are you ready to take a Facebook sabbatical? If you agree with more than 5 replies, it might be a good idea to take a break.


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